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Manual del taller XL600V 87-93

Manual del Taller XL650V y XR750L



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Walmart Deli Hours of Work

Walmart Deli is a gigantic store that has its location in almost every city. Walmart is a huge retail network of the American company Walmart Stores Inc. The Walmart deli hours open and close are the same every day. The opening hours of the store depend on its location. but most often it opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. If you want to buy a duck or a chicken baked, you need to arrive before 8pm, as the grocery store closes at 8pm.

Walmart deli - one of the best and biggest stores in the United States. This shop has a large number of busy visitors. The most Walmart Deli stores are open on holidays. But you should always be interested in the hours of work of your store. Most of the shops of the Walmart Deli are closed on Christmas Eve. If you want to find the nearest Walmart Deli store, you need to use the search site Walmart or Google Map.

The chain of stores Walmart includes the largest supermarkets and small shops. In them you can buy food, toys, jewelry, books, furniture, dishes and much more. Walmart Deli are shops and various services in one place. Also in this multifunctional store you can visit movie theaters, cafes and much more. The entertainment zone opens and closes at the same time as stores.

Nowadays there are about 7,000 stores in almost 20 countries around the world. The total revenue of shops is tens of billions. Also consultants promise that every buyer should leave in a good mood.

Which Type of Motorcycle to Choose

The main problem that faces the new bikers is the problem of choice. Only a few people buy a motorcycle for one season, so if you want your bike to serve you faithfully for more than one year, it's worth taking a serious approach to choosing a vehicle. First, determine for yourself what style of riding you are closer. Brutality of the chopper, the power of sportbike, plainness classics or easy "Enduro" - it's up to you.


Sportbikes are equipped with powerful engines, and the engine volume of individual models is 1 liter, which allows the motorcycle to accelerate over 300 km per hour. Due to the wide use of light alloy parts, the "dry weight" of the bike with a 1000-cubic-meter motor is about 200 kg, which significantly improves handling. Such motorcycles will suit fans of fast driving who live for the sake of getting adrenaline. It is worth remembering that the driving of such vehicle requires special skills, and a protective suit is mandatory when controlling this type of bike.


If you want to sit low, look into the distance and go without haste, choppers are created for you. Heavy motorcycles with an abundance of chrome and long forks are due to the appearance of the brand Harley-Davidson, whose name has already become a household name for this class of motorcycles. The bet in choppers is made not on the engine power, but on its torque. Many owners of choppers use the services of "caste-atelier" to make their motorcycles unique. But even without the changes, choppers are one of the most expensive classes of motorcycles. Often the owners of "Harley" are successful businessmen who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on motorcycle maintenance.


"Everyday" motorcycles are very practical and appeared before the rest. Classic bikes have a simple design, and therefore their maintenance does not cause any difficulties. Modern motorcycles of the classic type are increasingly becoming similar to their sports "brothers."

Over time, the manufacturers decided to expand this class by adding straight-fighter (motorcycles without plastic lining, designed for fast driving) to traditional classic bikes and tourist motorcycles (which are the flagship models of many companies).

Cross-country motorcycles (Enduro)

The class of cross-country motorcycles appeared simultaneously with the sport discipline motocross. Racing on light bikes over rough terrain became very popular, and soon motorcycles intended only for this discipline got civilian versions.

A little later, there were double-purpose motorcycles (dual sport), on which you can ride both on asphalt roads and cross-country. The most popular cross-country bikes for public roads are produced by Japanese companies Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. These motorcycles are almost like the classic ones, and thanks to the simplicity of the design they are cheaper to maintain them. In addition, cross-country bikes are more maneuverable.



Todo el desarme completo, tornillo a tornillo en una galería de imágenes, de la Transalp en todas sus versiones. (todo en formato PDF)

XL600V 87-93  XL600V 94-99

 XL650V 2000-...


En varias revistas del mercado encontrarás test y comparativas, tanto con la V-STROM 650 de SUZUKI como con la F650GS de BMW.

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