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    It is well known that having a credit card influence your credit history significantly. If you make payments without delays and use your credit card wisely, then you would have an excellent credit history which will benefit you later when you will decide to take a home loan, auto loan, etc.

    However, not every person can be considered as qualified for having a credit card. Fortunately, Capital One bank has created a program which helps to determine whether a person can be granted with a credit card. Learn about this program here and do not miss your chance to apply for application.capitalone.com Platinum Mastercard.

    The program launched by Capital One is called Get My Offer, and it aims to provide American citizens with an opportunity of getting a high-end credit card. Capital One offers a quite extensive list of credit cards with a vast amount of benefits.

    One of such credit cards is Platinum Mastercard. This credit card is perfect for this willing to have a decent credit card with attractive features. One of the primary advantages of having Platinum Mastercard from Capital One is that you would not have to pay an annual fee. One’s got to admit that a few credit cards can boast of having such a feature.

    In addition, there is no fee for making balance transactions with Platinum Mastercard. This feature can help you to save some money since most of the credit cards of other banks charge from 3% to 5% as balance transaction fee.

    When using Platinum Mastercard, you will be able to manage your account with the help of online banking. This way, you will able to access your account 24/7 using any device with the Internet access. Also, you will be provided with fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen, which is very convenient.

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